Bondi Pizza


 Westfield Shopping Center, level 6, 500 Oxford St Bondi Junction
I've only just started and I've already taken a 3 week hiatus haha. I'm pretty bad at this blogging thing. Luckily whilst everyone else seems to be winding down for the year I'm literally only getting started. 
Being quite a sheltered child and only recently turning 18 I honestly had no idea where to go for my first sip of legal alcohol; so basically the only reason we chose to eat here was not because the food looked nice or it was pizza! Just cause someone had told me they had nice drinks. 

Absolutely no regrets though. The service was AMAzing. Cute waiter with an adorable accent aside, he made small talk with us and came back to check on us half way through the meal, to make sure everything was fine. Call me weird but I've never seen a waiter do that. If that's not convincing enough: being the cheap Asian I am, for the first time in my life I willingly paid tips 

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