Strawberry Milkshake | #2 Sunday Shenanigans


So after that big-ass disaster that happened last week...? or was it the week before that? I'm back with #2 Sunday Shenanigans. The great thing about mistakes is that you learn from them right; and heres me learning that I can't cook and won't test my fate for the time being.
I decided to stick to the friendly blender. I mean what could go wrong all you do is chuck everything into a jug and blend. I looked up recipes for strawberry milkshakes just to be safe, and turns out I didn't have half the ingredients I needed (I think that's how all my cooking disasters start). Any who, I didn't want my strawberries to go bad so I decided to wing it. 
In goes the strawberries, some milk and some ice cream because ... I don't know, why not. The end result? ... Well to be fair, it wasn't undrinkable bad, like the cookies were inedible hard, but this milkshake definitely will not bring all the boys to the yard. Luckily the strawberries were still pretty fresh and were the best part of the milkshake haha.
Even though I suck at it, I think I've started to love doing these because its a day to myself, with no expectations from anyone and its actually funny when I screw up; there's no need to be perfect. Every other day of the week I have to be smart and organised enough to do well in uni (which is seriously not working), maintain as many friendships as I can, while being afraid that I'm going to be ignored and eventually forgotten and convince my mum I haven't gone off the rails because I go out twice a week, to maintain those friendships. I'm also out of work which is making me more miserable than I thought it would.
There's just so many things going on and if I'm not physically tired I'm mentally stressed and unhappy. Seriously, but like superwoman says you're here now, you've fought this before and survived, you can do it again! This too shall pass. Haha what a depressing way to end a post.

Hope y'all had an amazing week and quality time to yourselves! 

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