61 Albion Street  
Surry Hills NSW 2010
YAY for having time to spend with your friends, and enough money in the bank to buy yourself brunch. This place was um well not what I was expecting basically. I mean look at that table ... okay to be honest, my first thought was toilet floor table but its really cool, unique in a good way. 
I ordered a dirty bird (actually the most awkward thing asking the waiter for that) and I had no idea it was a burger. Considering it was one of the more expensive items I did think it'd be a large plate but it was really filling. I've never been so happy about eating that much salad in a burger before so props to them for making me feel happy about eating healthy haha.
Yea so obviously this place isn't the most photogenic of places but I can promise you the food is good. The plate was also quite surprising. I noticed someone else got a different plate, even though she ordered the same thing so luck of the draw I guess... I think I like the plate, makes the flatlay more interesting. (not that, that was a successful flatlay at al)
But this basket I am not loving. Looks like the baskets from Miss America's

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