Times Square dupe


I spent the rest of my time in Hong Kong. Although most of it is a blur now (should've post it earlier sorry). I think this is better though. It'll force me to cut down my posts and tell you guys all the important stuff. Like BAM BAM BAM instead of going around in circles ... which is what I'm doing now but here we go!!
Times Square
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
 Not sure why but HK seems to insist on copying other people's things. I mean why would you name it Times Square. It's such a poor dupe haha. There's also the HK "London eye". I swear a few of Ocean Park's rides also bear a strange 100% resemblance to Luna Park but whatever.
 Mostly just shopping over here. There's a Uniqlo and forever 21 is here (Suprisingly no H&M). Inside the shopping center is designer brands

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