Hong Kong's Best Kept Secret


Tai-O - Western Side of Lantau Island Hong Kong
On the way to Hong Kong I was watching this advertisement featuring Ernie Dingo saying that the islands surrounding Hong Kong are their best kept secret and I remember thinking yea right. 

The last island I visited was Lantau Island and I thought it was so boring. Being a high maintenance city girl I have a hard time adjusting to rural areas and their ... lack of hygiene and although Tai-O wasn't amazing, I still enjoyed the trip.
There's less food and I guess you could say it's less developed compared to Lantau Island but I think Tai-O is more vibrant and that made me love it so much more. 

Yes they gut fish right then and there in front of you. Needless to say I rushed straight past after taking a picture. Surprisingly it didn't smell that much ... just not lovely to look at. 
I think it's famous for selling fish stomach which is really popular in Hong Kong. Its great for making soup but I'm not really a fan. Obviously most of its products are marine orientated since it's a fishing village. 
They hard sell boat trips too I'm not even sure where they go but they said you'd see dolphins. Not sure why any dolphin would be swimming in these seas though. Have you seen the colour of the water.
There are bikes everywhere on this island. I almost got run over by a few.

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