The Disneyland of korea


240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, 서울특별시 South Korea

-P.S this was taken as I was leaving that's why it's so dark
This is it!! Almost at the end. Theme park number 2, off to Lotte world!
Some shots I took on the bus. I couldn't get the camera to focus so you can still see the glass in some of them #amateurphotography 


This is the indoor part of Lotte World. Stupid me didn't take a picture when there was some natural sunlight streaming in and ended up with this. The hot air balloons above are an actual ride but the lines are extremely long (especially since the ride is slow)
Like Disneyland there's also a night show but my camera is absolutely appalling for night settings; it actually hurts my eyes to look at.

I thought the show was amazing though. The castle unfolded and enlarged. There were lanterns floating in the air and they eventually formed a rainbow. It was pretty awesome if you ask me. It sucks that the pictures were all awful.

The cream of the crop

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