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Can you believe its Spring! Where has this year gone!? A long long time ago (beginning of this year) you might remember I went to Korea and bought so many things at MyeongDong and this was one of them. I actually bought a pink one as well which I might post but I think it was way too fluro for me and I don't really plan on wearing it again. 
Anyway, me and this nail polish have not bonded well at all. Applying it is totally fine. I mean it is a little shear so it takes a few coats but drying! Waiting for the nail polish to dry takes FOREVER. Anything less than 5 mins means you'll ruin your mani for sure. Even now there are dents in my nail polish I can't explain but I'm 100% sure they weren't there last night.
I like the colour though so I've given this one so many chances. This time I used 3 coats to get this shade. (The lighting is a bit bright so in reality it's a tad darker than that) I feel like with every coat it gets easier, like it dries a bit faster and and the polish sits nicer. Do you ever have that situation where the nail polish is a bit runny so it just sits in a blob in the middle of your nail and the sides are left light as ever ... yea that ... you have no idea what I just said do you haha er hem...
MOVING ON ... also it chips in the wierdest ways. Normally every day wear chips away a bit of your nail polish at a time right? but no; This one pieces fly off. I don't know if its the chemicals or whatever in the nail polish solution but you can actually peel the whole layer of nail polish off. It's so weird. So it means that big chunks just break off ... pretty quickly actually.
The good news though: (this is my first time using 3 coats with this one) it seems to be better. The polish has lasted a little less than 2 days without any major bits coming off and there's not as many dents and scratches compared to when I used 2 coats so maybe that's the trick.
Anyhow since this was $2 I don't mind too much, but it's too much of a hassle, so I probably won't be bothered buying it again. 

P.S Did you notice my turtle, Camie in the background

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