Shop for Socks


Ewha Women's University

Of Course this was one of our first stops.  As well as visiting a famous site we also managed to do plenty of shopping around the area. Although I mostly bought socks... They were 1000 a pair!! How could I not. (roughly $1AUD)

There's also make up and clothing of course. 

Shopaholic haven!!! The clothes were really expensive though, for my taste anyway. It's made up of a few buildings; one of them features budding Korean designers (also quite costly but personally I think the designs are really unique) so absolutely worth looking at even if you don't buy anything. 
The street food is the best too!! Try the red bean pancake its so sweet In a good way!!
and lastly dinner!! Most of the meals looked like this. Pretty sure I gained a few kilos in Korea. Every edible thing in this picture was refillable; the dish was never empty. Unfortunately though, most of these places were smokey from hot pot and a bit badly lit so it was difficult to capture. 

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