An Nyung Ha Se Yo from Korea


Ahhh firstly I'm so sorry for the one month hiatus. At first it was due to no wifi, but then I got sick and well, eventually I got lazy...
But anyways!! excuse my excuses, let's get straight to my summer vacation. I went over to Hong Kong first and joined a tour to go to Korea; only we were so unprepared for Korea we spent the first 10 or so days shopping for thermals and winter clothes. Sooo that means I didn't take any photos or do anything "touristy" in HK until after I came back from Korea. So without further adieu ....

Incheon International Airport

I think most of Asia was still in Christmas mode at this point.

Unfortunately the tour began at 8 in the morning, after a 3 hour flight in the middle of the night. I think due to the mumbling and death glares of most travellers, the guide keenly rushed us off to breakfast. At least it was warm, I was having a seriously hard time adjusting to 6°C weather.

 Korean ginseng chicken soup (SamGyeTang)
The view outside the restaurant ... I was feeling a little trigger happy with my camera that day. 

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