Miss America's Diner (The Spot Cafe)


I've never been one to eat locally because there really aren't too many good places to eat out near me but lately a lot of small cafes have been making big breaks in my area. Annnddd I'm seriously excited to share the photos from this one! (If anyone has tips in night photography please for the love of all things good tell me)
210 Belmore Rd
Riverwood NSW 2210
Okay so the special thing about this place is that it's only a pop up restaurant that opens on Fridays, every other day its The Spot Cafe, which serves more regular brunch/cafe-y type food. I've yet to taste their food but I'll definitely come back for brunch. 
This is the love me tender burger and damn was that a good burger. The chicken was so crunchy but juicy on the inside and the bacon YYUMM.
The PINK COW! Another thing I love about this place is the creative names of all their meals. So obviously the pink cow is just a milkshake and they have a lot of other coloured cows too. I may or may not be guilty of ordering it just because I wanted to say pink cow but hey it was so worth it! Look at all the lollies on there, unfortunately a snake fell off in the waitresses' rush to get it to me. I was pretty devastated but the super bubbly frothy milk made up for it.
The banana split. In case you're wondering what the green thing is on then end; it's lime. My sister felt the need to try something new and "crazy". The ice cream felt a little not set but the hundreds and thousands were a pleasant surprise.
Unfortunately on the night I went, I'm not sure if they were under staffed or they normally run the place like that but service was quite slow. BUT BUT the waitresses were so so nice and lovely. You could tell they were doing the best they could and overall the food was superb so all in all great night!

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