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Myeong Dong
The last but most important STOP EEEVVVERRR (I'm sorry I'm just excited thinking about it)
More bus captures!!
The final and most important stop of all MYYEEONNGG DDONGGG. Basically the whole trip I was only looking forward to this part. 

If you've done your research Myeong Dong is where all the make up is BBUUTTT what I didn't realise till I got here is that its more like a girls best destination. Just so you know what i mean I bought:
  1. A bag
  2. Rings
  3. Socks
  4. AANNDD more than $100 worth of makeup (hey don't judge I come from Australia you can't buy anything there)

There's also:
  1. Shoes and obviously clothes if anyone's interested
  2. Street stalls (so your cliche Asian trinkets - key chains, phone cases, plushies etc)
  3. Hairdresser
  4. and from what I've heard amazing restaurants
Some tour guide info for you guys. Myeong Dong is made up of 1 main street and 3 streets branching out from it like an "E". As there are so many streets there are MANY many double ups of the popular stores like
  • Banilla
  • Nature Republic
  • Tony Moly
  • Etude House
So don't be afraid to shop around and look. The prices are definitely 100% the same in all the large main stores like the ones I mentioned above. However what is different is the customer service.

The first few stores my friend went to were really stingy. So my friend bought around $50 worth of products and got a small square packet as a sample. After bargaining for quite some time she managed to get more things but the sales assistant was so reluctant. They also mumbled several things as we were leaving. She was quite rude.
But don't be afraid to ask for samples. As a customer you should get them after purchasing something from the store. Obviously if you've only bought $2 worth of products the cashier might chose to give you less samples and that's A-okay. If they don't give you any though just ask.
And also super important tip, when I did my research most people said that the sales people speak English, Korean and Mandarin. During my experience I found that, that was not true. The sales assistants I met could comprehend little to no English. A customer was looking for a rose petal lotion and the sales assistant had no idea what she was saying. So I guess if you speak only English you'll probably be on your own. 
However for some very odd reason, believe me I was so shocked. Many if not most sales assistants are fluent in Mandarin. Fluent as in they speak so fast I don't even know what they're saying. But if you know Mandarin don't worry you're covered.
So where did I buy my stuff? I bought practically everything on this street. I think this is more of a main street and its less hidden? But the all the sales peeps were so nice and helpful and they literally chucked handfuls of samples in ... okay so I did buy quite a bit but it was still generous.

Also there was one amazing god send sales person at Banilla Co. (on this street) who spoke English, just him and he was so helpful. He recommended stuff and explained things it was great.

OH and if anyone's interested I think H&M is also on this street.
That's it! It was an AMAZING last day in Korea. Korea you've been great and I will definitely be back. Don't you worry.

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