Cookie Cooking Fail | Sunday Shenanigans


I love cookies! so much. Especially Subway ones omg (holla to all the Aussie college kids living off $1 cookies from Subway) so on a boring Sunday with nothing to do ... actually the wind festival was on and I missed it #sodevastated and trying to eat away my sorrows I decided to make cookies. I actually bought the all the ingredients for Father's Day but ya know ... lazy me bailed again.
But I've decided no. Life is short I should do something with my Sundays so I'm thinking of starting a Sunday Shenanigans series and just posting what I did on my Sunday ... but um after this I'm not sure it's gonna be a permanent thing anymore haha. So anyway I was following the recipe and all was well.
We had a little bit of an issue mixing the dough. Like if its arm day you should just make cookies. It's so thick and heavy it took some serious muscle to mix it. My sis and I had to take turns churning it. We almost broke the mixer cause we gave up using man power. But still we didn't let this get us down. We kept working on it. Everytime we tasted it though it was really grainy and sugary. APPARENTLY okay what's wrong is that we didn't cream the butter and sugar together well enough so make sure when you blend it together it's already smooth at this stage. #Jaqstips (not sure if you should be taking tips from me actually)
Eventually we gave up mixing and just made the cookie dough blobs, ready to go into the oven. I wanted to make smore cookies, so what that entailed was taking the cookie out half way and quickly pushing marshmallows in and then cooking the cookie the rest of the way through. So far so good right?
Wrong! Jokes I'm kidding, it honestly was pretty good until I melted all the marshmallows haha. The bubble creamy caramel looking bits are the remnants of marshmallow I put in. RIP. A moment of silence please.... It came out too sweet as well since the marshmallows completely melted into the cookie
I reckon it would've turned out nice if I didn't put marshmallows in or didn't melt them. But thumbs up for not blowing anything up YAY! or burning anything (including the house) haha. It was pretty fun though so I'm actually thinking of making Sunday Shenanigans a thing, depending on whether you guys like this kind of thing.

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