Carefree San Souci


These last few weeks I've been desperately trying to escape the cold chill of Winter, so I headed down to the beach. Okay so it wasn't the most amazing idea; hair was flying everywhere, the water was so cold. Eventually I even decided to hide in a restaurant but what to eat at San Souci? It's a bit of a hole but I decided to give Bay Vista a go and wow it did not disappoint. 
 83 The Grand Parade,
Brighton-Le-Sands  NSW
 I don't know why but I found this on the adults only section of the menu? I'm fairly certain it had no alcohol in it, and they didn't ask for ID. No, I did not order it for the alcohol ... maybe ... Shhhh. The passion fruit was a bit sour for me but if you eat it with the meringue its perfect.
 The crepes are a great way to start since they're so light and fluffy.
Then the waffles are more heavy handed and filling. Bottom line is, dessert can absolutely fill you up like lunch

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