Vivid 2015


Unfortunately the backlog of posts continues, at least I haven't hit writer's block yet but I promise it'll be over soon!
As a lot of you probably already know Vivid, the light show in Sydney was quite a long time ago; but since it was my first time I wanted to show you all my blurry, bad quality night photos haha. Hopefully next year when I go again I'll have an actual camera and my photography will have improved #lifegoals
I really liked this one! It was like a small igloo but with these mirror shard walls, with some lights reflected across all the walls, so pretty!
This was definitely the highlight. An animation was projected onto Customs House in the CBD and can I just say it look waayy better in person. It had a bit of everything: haunted house, under the sea, little people running around. It was great.
Did a bit of Sydney harbour wandering and found some robot people dressed better than us.
I don't know what this was but there was some pretty scary audio of children playing and singing lullabies. It was just so eerie. At least the structure was nice.
One of the better pictures of the light show at Museum of Contemporary Art, but I like the lights on the picture below better. Too bad its so fuzzy
But damn Sydney you looked great that night

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