We Shine: Colour Run


Centennial Park
NSW 2021
Ah the colour run. Running 4k, while getting coloured powder thrown at you left, right and center (sometimes in your mouth and maybe your eyes) all for the sake of charity. But you know me I would probably never run 4k so instead I chose to volunteer :D 
This year they added in a new zone: the Shine zone; hence this years theme 'We Shine'. Instead of a colour zone like purple, yellow or blue we were supposed to be a glitter zone. Basically the colour was a metallic silver, like the unicorn blood in Harry Potter. Unfortunately the glitter could only be seen in sunlight like Edward Cullen and it'd already been raining for most of the day. For some miraculous reason it stopped raining for majority of the run which was great because we had no intentions of chucking gooey blobs at people.
Our colour powder was so light it got messy real fast. It was in our face, in our eyes, in our ears. Basically at the end of the day I had silver snot. If you think it sounds cool, wait till it comes out of your nose. We were told to squirt below nipple level but with that powder it very quickly went into people's faces and even stayed in the air for very long. I mean look:
I was taking a break from squirting to you know, breathe and decided to take some photos while I wasn't in the thick of it.
2 Seconds later the powder just fills the air. To be honest it was really bad, at one point I was scared my eyes turned silver but I had SSOOO much fun. The people running through were so energetic and excited and I really loved colouring people's hair silver. There were all these adorable kids running through and so many families.
This one little girl started crying because it was in her face and she said it was in her eyes, and another volunteer, trying to cheer her up pointed at me and said "look at her". She was so horrified at my tin man looking face, her eyes widened and she stepped back. I know being batshit scary is not something to be proud of but I laughed so hard. I think seeing my human-ness cheered her up because I gave her some powder and she tried to get her mum? and aunt? and they were running around in circles, it was so cute. 
The next time though I'll probably run it. I don't think I can survive inhaling powder through all the holes in my face for 3 hours again. Here's a photo of us tin men cleaning up. That person at the end, yea she's a tin man #tinforthewin

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