DIY Tasmania - pt 2


So I just discovered I can get to Narnia through my closet and forgot to come back. Haha wow that was terrible but I promise to find some balance between blogging and maintaining a life. (Even though I've proven several times I'm terrible at it). But to make up for it I've revamped the website a bit (more changes to come hopefully) and changed my url :) Hope you like it. Moving on ...
Okay the good part of my trip pretty much starts here. I'm not really one for driving around the country taste testing things. Don't get me wrong free food is my life but not for 3 days and it wasn't nice free food either. So next stop winery. No one goes to Tas without visiting a vineyard and we went to:
 1216 Pipers Brook Road, Pipers Brook TAS 
If I remember correctly tasting wine costs around $35
If you're not into wine there's a cute little look out where you can get a view of the vineyard (at the back there) and so so many ducks. Although they all ran away because my cousin was running over as I took this shot
There's nothing stopping you from eating the grapes (yay more free food) but the ones I found were tiny and not very ripe. So making the most of the blue skies and ignoring our empty stomachs we headed out to Cataract Gorge Reserve. (ps. don't worry if you get lost cause it took us forever to find)

74-90 Basin Road, Launceston TAS
There's several ways you can get around within the reserve. There a trails that lead you up to the suspension bridge and more challenging hikes past that or if you're lazy like me you can take the chair lift up and walk maybe 10-15 mins to get to the bridge. 
Other than the fact I'm lazy I think the chairlift is better because you get the most amazing view of the river the basin and the park closer to the entrance, instead of staring at concrete because you can't catch a breath and keep up with your group (no, of course that didn't happen to me ... /cough)
Once you've crossed the bridge there's a few hiking trails which I think were supposed to take you around the reserve but total hiking time was around maybe 2 hours or so and unfortunately we didn't have time so we hiked for about an hour and had to turn around.

If you ever get lost or not sure which trail is the best just ask anyone you see, especially joggers (there are always joggers), they're the friendliest and most helpful people. Sometimes they just say hi as they're running just for the hell of it. One of them even directed us on the trail (it was embarrassing when he lapped us though)
Then once you've had enough exercise for the day you can come back to the park and enjoy the pool the cafe or the bathroom if necessary :)
After that it was a long drive into hobart

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