Casino, dress ups and Kimchi


What do these three things have in common? nothing. Haha sorry couldn't think of a creative title. Anyways! For some reason a casino was part of itinerary. Interestingly enough, no Koreans are allowed inside. I can't quite remember why though. I do remember the guide telling us to go through the normal doors to the right of the revolving doors for good luck.

Whilst I am a little superstitious occasionally (when I get nervous), I couldn't gamble inside anyway; so being the immature child I am I did a few rotations in the revolving doors like Buddy in "Elf"

This was the last point inside the casino where we could take photos

19 is the legal coming of age in Korea so I got sent to a little games room, for kids, hidden in the corner. Of course I wasn't going to be trapped in a room for an hour whilst in Korea (although the games were pretty addictive) So I did a quick tour of the outside of the Casino.

Next stop, which I have no idea where it was (I made a habit of following asleep to the guide's voice) was Kimichiland ... If you couldn't tell by the picture. 

Making the kimchi was so fast! The ajumma explained everything in Mandarin (so I understood nothing). Suddenly everyone starts making the Kimichi so obviously I follow suit. Naturally I have no idea what I'm doing; The ajumma sees I'm struggling and she does it for me. Next thing you know an assitant is putting all the Kimchi into a bucket and I'm left with some food testers... Not that I was complaining; I mean free food but it was so quick. 

After that they rushed us off downstairs to try on traditional Korean clothing and have a mini photoshoot.

I was having a wallflower moment so I took a few pictures with my family (after constant nagging from my mum) and legged it out of there. 

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