Haven Cafe


30-34 Chalmers St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Before uni got hectic and no one had time for anything, a friend and I decided to do brunch on Wednesdays and we hit up this cute little spot so conveniently located right next to the station. 
The cafe is most famous for the coffee tailoring. You can honestly customise anything in your coffee and change the aroma, acidity, sweetness, body and after taste (... if I remembered correctly) BUT seeing as though I hate the taste of coffee, yes you heard right (I can see the horror on some people's faces already) I didn't try any. I think I'm just too immature for coffee. It's just too bitter.
The insides of the place are so nice right! Especially if you go in at around 3 in the Winter and the sun is directly shining in, it's so gorgeous. Love the copper everywhere and the industrial feel, but the lights were my favourite.
So this is the Pork belly Kimcheese burger. It is so massive. You definitely cannot eat it like a burger which is fine since every time I eat a burger, everything falls out the other end anyway. It's super super filling, like this isn't even brunch material, this counts as lunch. We also had so much free food at uni so this one took a while to digest.

I had the raspberry bread and caramelised apple. The bread and the apples were perfect for my sweet tooth but for some reason the whole dish together was really sour for me. I kept trying to pinpoint where the sourness was coming from to tone it down but I wasn't really sure. Might even be the yogurt that was sour but the icing sugar reduces it a bit. Either way definitely coming back for that kimchee burger!

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