It's so Fluffy!! and white


Lama heat packs!! Didn't end up using them though. Turns out skiing is much harder than I thought. Yes skiing! Next stop winter wonderland:

Yangji Pine Resort Ski Valley
112, Nampyeong-ro, Yangji-myeon, 
Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do 

The rental house was absolutely chaotic so if you're going make sure you get their early. It's such a lengthy process.
  1. First you have to get a receipt
  2. Work out your show size 
  3. Write it on the recepit and hand it over a counter
  4. Get your boots - check they fit
  5. Take one boot (that you haven't put on) and hand it over another counter, 
  6. Get your ski blades fitted and get a pair, 
  7. Go to another counter to get some ski poles,
  8. Tthheenn finally you can unite your boots and blades and head on out. 
On top of all that you're fighting another hundred people trying to do complete the same process. Needless to say that took pretty much an hour, maybe more

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