Escape to Everland!!


The adventure continues!!

but first stop breakfast: (no I don't know where that is - fell asleep remember) #thetourlifestruggleisreal

And here we are!!
 199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup, Cheoin-gu, 
Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

So basically our tour guide took/forced us onto one of this ski lifts (is that what it's called?) so we could head down to the bottom half of the theme park. If you've been to Ocean Park in Hong Kong you'll know what I mean.

That amazingly AWESOME looking roller coaster in the back? Not under construction, just not open this time of year unfortunately. I'm not sure if I was feeling slightly relieved or disappointed.

I don't know if it's to stop the ice cream from melting or to make it easier for people to hold but this is ice cream! It had this slightly just slightly chewy texture and a burst of rainbow candy flavour inside it was so yummy!
Definitely distracted me from the long line, waiting for the safari.

This was our ride. Pretty impressive right?!

While we were waiting for this gate to open the bus driver was trying to get us excited; but awkward moment when 95% of the bus was our tour buddies and no one could understand Korean. Obviously the driver quickly switched to basic English.

Occasionally though he didn't know what it was in English so he said it in Korean and then someone on the bus would be like "Tiger!" and the driver would be like "Ti-ger? Horangi" and the whole bus would be like "Ho-rang-i" and the driver would repeat it again. It was so much fun! Like an educational zoo trip for adults. Haha

This is what the tour guide insisted we see. "Sifu" in Chinese or Liger in English. To be honest he was the most boring of them all. He actually did nothing, he just lay there.

This was so amazing. It's the first time seeing something like that. Obviously both the driver and the passengers had food but it was still pretty cool.

Waiting for Papa bear

Poor guy looked so lost. The driver asked several times for him to move. Eventually the whole bus joined in. Haha

Also I say forced since we trekked all the way to the bottom of the theme park just for the safari and then we had to haul our butts all the way back up for the rides. Good exercise though.

This wasn't really a ride but hey if I don't have to do any exercise to get on a ride you can count me in! This one was just grab a float (toboggan thing) we'll haul you up and you can enjoy the trip back down.

My ecstatic face when I realised I didn't have to walk up the hill. Yes this is me, please don't run away screaming. (I didn't have make up at this point) #thestrugglescontinue

This is the slope ... not sure if you can see the lanes. It's clearer at the end with the green patches. Okay so it wasn't thrilling but like I said no exercise. :D

Definitely did not go in there.

These two were the view waiting for a more thrilling roller coaster... which was not as thrilling after we survived it.

and dinner! you guessed it Korean BBQ. With unlimited soft drinks though!

P.s sorry about the super long post but I guess every tour jams as much as they can in one day

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