Lush on Bondi


Finding something nice to eat at Bondi is actually incredibly hard for me. I know you're probably thinking I'm crazy but when I'm having such a good time and the scenery is so nice; the pressure is on to find food to match the perfect day I was having. It was so hard I actually did 2 laps of the surrounding area before certain people got fed up with me and told me to sit my butt down at Lush on Bondi simply because we were standing right outside. 
It must've been fate though because Lush was the perfect way to fill my stomach on such a perfect day. I feel like it's one of those cafes that don't get advertised a lot or get much recognition but the locals know and love it and I'm so glad we stumbled upon it!
The strawberry milkshake was pretty nice, it didn't have that artificial flavouring taste; just super sweet, the way I like it.
The schnitzel burger with perfectly salted chips.
It's also literally opposite Bondi beach, so it's not even a trek to get there, unlike more of the well known cafes which are at least a few streets away. They even have massive poncho/snuggie blanket type things to keep you warm in case sitting outside for too long gets to chilly. Now where on earth would you find a cafe so considerate.

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