Blackstar Pastry: Cake Adventures


Ayyee guess who's late to the party again! That's right after the watermelon cake has been around for ages, rose to fame and even collabed with n2 to make the Cake Smash, I've only now gotten around to trying it. After our little adventure at Brewtown Newtown (check it out), we weren't quite full an decided to hit up Blackstar Pastry.
277 Australia St
Newtown NSW 2042
I didn't even realise there would be an actual piece of watermelon right in the middle, I thought it was just watermelon flavoured, but there it is right there. It's really nice! There's like 3 layers of crunch and delicious rose cream in the middle to sweeten it up and all the fruit for a refreshing after taste.
That small piece of watermelon cake would never be enough to feed 3 people so we bought the Orange Cake with Persian fig as well. The orange wasn't too overpowering but what surprised me most was the fig. I'm no food expert so when I saw that Venus flytrap looking fig I was like uumm... but my friend insisted I try it. I have to say I think that might have been the best part of the cake haha.

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