5 Things to Do in One Day at Bondi


Annndd the beach madness continues! To be fair though when I went it was the only 20°C day we've had in a long while. So here's 5 things to do at Bondi and pretend that Winter is over.

1. Check Out the Street Art

Up along the boardwalk of Bondi, just below the car park is a wall filled with art graffiti. You've probably seen the three shady pugs already (get it get it? Cause they all wear shades). ANYWAY these 2 are brand new ones I've found but judging from the wall they've been up for a while. I think what keeps me coming back to Bondi is knowing that the wall is constantly changing and new art goes up all the time!

2. Take the Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

This is seriously the most scenic route. Hate jogging? Despise running? Well it doesn't even feel like exercise because you'll be so distracted by the view, besides there's usually so many tourists taking pictures in the middle of the path, its impossible to run too fast (that's what I tell myself anyway) ... I think I'm in need of a hair cut

3. Update your Insta with an Icebergs post

This is an absolute cliche but its such a given. With the 50 shades of blue, there's no way you could go wrong taking a shot of this. If you've already posted this photogenic location, there's plenty of other spots along the Bondi to Bronte walk that will give you the picture, everyone else will be jealous of. I think more than anything the best part is just sitting down and watching the ocean. It's so calming, I feel like I'm subconsciously meditating.

4. Lunch at Lush

So originally I had planned to visit the famous Brown Sugar but stupid me didn't realise famous meant a lot of people go there and as you can guess when we turned up twice it was packed both times. (note to you guys, if you want to try it make sure you book!) Instead we gave Lush on Bondi a go and definitely no regrets. I hadn't eaten breakfast so I could've just been hungry but I love it enough to recommend it to you guys :) You can read more about my lunch sesh at Lush here.

5. Finish with a bang at Ben & Jerry's 

Of course you can't leave Bondi without trying an ice cream or a gelato. When in doubt go with a safe choice: Ben & Jerry's. I tried the cookie dough and the cotton candy. The best part was that there's actually cookie dough in the ice cream, and it was heavenly. As for the cotton candy, 3 words: sweet, sweet happiness.

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