1/78 Harbour St
A few days ago, to celebrate my friend's birthday we went out to a Japenese restaurant: Wagaya. To be honest this place was slightly to pricey for me (especially considering I bought a new bag and some tickets to a party) but it was good food with cool people.
I sort of maybe took this picture of my friend's Nigiwai Course while she left her food unattended! Who one earth leaves their food unattended, especially while I'm around. It comes with a lot of other stuff. I think I saw sushi, sashimi, and green beans.
Oh I should warn you now the lighting was absolutely terrible, there was like one light bulb in the whole room. We ended up resorting to turning on flash on someone's phone while we snapped pictures. The effect is kinda not great but at least you can see the food. :)
Ahh, the humble pumpkin and potato gratin. I had my reservations about this one, I mean how can potatoes be worth so much but it was so cheesy and perfectly salted. The pumpkin was so sweet we ended ordering it again.
This is seriously the reason I eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and tea. It was so delicious and I don't know if I was actually full after this or I was just so satisfied with the taste but it was totally filling. The red bean (we didn't realise was on the other side) was beautifully sweet and went great with the cream and ice cream. You can't really go wrong with cereal flakes and strawberry sauce but at the bottom was strawberry cheesecake! Perfect way to make sure the ice cream at the bottom still has flavour.
Made a mistake with this one. I for some reason always order bad things, as in it's not worth its value, doesn't taste great or isn't what I thought it would be and the same thing happened again that night. I ordered a sweet lychee drink and it ended up tasting like raspberry medication. The blue lemonade was a really nice candy kind of sweet though and the Malibu orange (I think its called, can't remember) had a strong cocnutty flavour; which I don't enjoy (I kind of hate coconuts) but I heard it was good. So I think I'll leave ordering to other people next time haha.

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