Brewtown Newtown


Obviously after a "productive" and "studious" study session, we all need a good feed. Since we were near Newtown we decided hit up a safe choice: Bretwon Newtown. I don't know if this is where the cronut originated but I was not leaving without trying one.
6 - 8 O'Connel St
Newtown NSW 2042
Squid ink linguine, garlic chilli prawns, kale and Parmesan. Lin-gwi-ne, what a fun word to say haha. Anyway because someone couldn't control herself, and ate too much of the linguine I wasn't left with much; but what I got to try tasted chewy (in a really good way) and bouncy? is that how you describe linguine? Even though I don't like kale I didn't mind it too much here.
Ah the all important cronut! Also known as a Brewnut here. We went for the Chocolate Crumble Brewnut, without realising we could chose more from the display cabinet which is a shame. For a first cronut though, it was pretty amazing. The crunch from the pastry already had me in high spirits but the crumble on top was to die for. So yummy! Definitely wanna come back and try more.

The dish in the background: Dukkah roasted Japanese pumpkin, poached chicken, quinoa, feta & broad bean salad, truffle hazelnut dressing. The pumpkin was ssoo good. It was sweet but the skin was so crunchy. And the drink: Egyptian Rose Tea.

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